Save links to your reading list and read it later. Simple minimalist design.

Read Later - Save to Pocket Extension for Google Chrome is the excellent and simple way to save all interesting web pages to list, so that you can read it later.

Advantages in simplicity:
1. Easily add pages to the list, just click on the "+"
2. Easy to remove the page from the list, just click on the "x"

What is it for?
Do not keep tabs open that you plan to read later, when many such tabs are open, this results in a lot of slowness when working with browser.
Your main working tabs are lost in the sea of many "read later" tabs. Reading List allows you to always have on hand such tabs, don't clutter up your bookmarks list. What could be simpler than save link to pocket? Try it now. The situation like "Extension is not workong" is is excluded. Our extension always works properly.